I must confess. I am a resistor of things I don’t understand. And I refuse to believe that I stand alone in this circle.

IMG_20111211_141801-01I was slow to commit to Facebook for sharing images. I even said, “I don’t have time for “friends.”. And while not a perfect forum, I realized it is a way for me to share my passion for photography, creativity, nature and much more. As I learned and understood more, I was able to embrace it as another tool to share my vision and what I have to offer.

I resisted using my cell phone as an image-making tool along with any and all the apps that might have been available. I don’t have an iPhone (and may never have one). My Android works just fine. With the latest upgrade of my cell phone and improved camera,20150415_181322_HDR-01 I realized this is another way to capture, create and share quickly without the encumbrances of bags of gear. Apps are featherlight but fierce with potential. And, like many people, I have my phone with me almost all the time. With Snapseed, Painteresque and a few others to play with, there’s a party to attend.

In embracing “the phone thing,” I have realized that it is a helpful tool for finding and developing compositions and viewpoints that can be immediately captured. Those images can also get me started with my DSLR. So, sometimes, I find it convenient to scout an area with the phone and then decide how I want to work a subject with the “big dog.”

Enter Instagram. Again, I resist what I don’t understand. I’m getting it and am sharing my view of the world from my perspective now on Instagram and learning to eIMG_20150419_014346mbrace “the square.”   Who knew there were such possibilities in four equal sides? I began my photography with 35mm film, so the 2×3 ratio was what I knew and had been comfortable with.

So, this conflicted issue I have had with using my phone as a creative tool has vanished. Ultimately, we all are able to capture, play and share moments with each other almost instantly. And, this I understand. This I can embrace.IMG_20150529_234338

20150524_201159_HDR-01  IMG_20120527_075939-01 20150524_112434_HDR-01


Note: All images included in this post were captured with and processed on my phone. I cannot believe it, and I cannot help myself. Oh, happy day.